I blend my skills as a PhD in Biomedical-Research/Bioinformatics with my passion for Data-Science & Technology to solve problems, promote science & health. I'm a Director, Head of Computational Discovery @ Compugen
Roy Granit, PhD. Compugen Cloud
Roy Granit, PhD. Compugen Cloud


I feel extremely honored to have contributed to the remarkable ventures I have been involved with in the past:

LabWorm  is an aggregator of scientific online tools. It lets you, the scientist, stay updated on the newest and most relevant tools for your research.

Academix is a platform that connects companies with scientists to form research collaborations


"Publish or perish"

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My PhD thesis: Transcriptional Regulation of Breast Cancer Differentiation States


Dr. Roy Granit holds a PhD in Biomedical Research with a focus on Genomics and Bioinformatics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has co-founded two startups in the domains of Bioinformatics and natural language processing and has provided consultancy to both academic institutions and the industrial sector, leveraging his extensive knowledge in bioinformatics and machine learning.
In 2020, Dr. Granit took the role of Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Compugen, where he is currently Director and Head of Computational Discovery, leading the interdisciplinary Computational Discovery Group. His group specializes in employing innovative computational approaches to facilitate the discovery of novel immunotherapy drug target candidates.

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